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released December 20, 2012

GRADES is Kortland Chase Hetzel

all music/lyrics written by Kortland Chase Hetzel (except 4&5 music by Kortland Chase Hetzel & Josh Smith)

produced by JoshSmith & Kortland Chase Hetzel

mixed by JoshSmith

hand collage by Tracy Timmins; layout/design Kortland Chase Hetzel

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*This EP is a musical documentation of the life and demise of a relationship. To listen in chronological order, arrange playlist as such:

1) Dear In Bedlights
2) Grammatically Grammatical
3) The Melting
4) The Taste Of Leaving Something Losing Flavor
5) In My Hands



all rights reserved


GRADES Chicago, Illinois

GRADES is an electronic-love-pop act created by Kortland Chase in the early winter months of 2011.

This self-titled debut EP was released on December 20, 2012.

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Track Name: The Melting
Those hands of acid ruin everything you touch
capable of burning holes in my eyes if i look too much
your hair disintegrates but you still look wonderful
with me underneath your finger prints burning everything you hold
close to you, its not as it seemed from the start
im melting around you, yet so glad i found you
wait 'til you burn through my heart, burn through my heart

without my skin you tear through my muscles
using your tongue to create a new beat
you remove all of my organs leaving the sound of this love
beating from my disappearing body, you know its fucked up

your embrace couldn't be more like the surface of the sun
just because my body won't make doesn't mean you're not the one
your methods constructed of sex and charm as the drip of my bones
melts in the sheen of hemoglobin, this fire is home

the depth of this hell presents new corrosive tastes
from the bubbled surface of this delightfully blistered face
on to the carpet with the rhythmic pumping of blood
and skin melting feelings i can't deny but i know that i should
Track Name: Dear In Bedlights
tonight we'll trade lips to forget about the walls
we've already built and torn down, we'll forget about them all
you had my full attention my eyes have come apart
my pupils study your highfalutin art
as i remove your wrapping, it seems so wrong but feels so right

webbing spiders down this wall understating our position
i won you under this red flooding light,
not who eats who, I'm eating you tonight

lets not speak, lets not think lets just lie down.

hello my dear in bedlights
won't you unzip that dainty mouth of yours and let me crawl inside
Track Name: In My Hands
blood rushes from my arms
I drag them out from underneath our past ideas
how could we pull away from this dysfunctional pattern of love
a little space would do if both of our shadows weren't so fucking tall
but they've grown shouting loud as snow with verbose language crushing my skull

with a weight I'm not ready for,
with what we pretend is right
Im convinced i need you tonight

In my hands, I'd like to see your thighs
and undulating torso swinging weight from hallowed private parts
when you were mine

I bet ill fold first - lets call it off and reapply our skin
I'm sure this only gets - exposing nerves has wilted out grins
Track Name: The Taste Of Leaving Something Losing Flavor
you dove off just to catch your breath before it hit the ground
the city springs back on your way down but the streets they open wide

find your breath as they swallow
the roads digesting you
you might be gone forever
the asphalt is at fault for this duress

you might be gone forever

I will wait for you
who knows if you'll be back, but I'll take my chances
and wait for you girl
Track Name: Grammatically Grammatical
In a room you and I become the same sentence
without subject or punctuation to hold
the delicacies of obtuse relation
we haven't yet subjugated
shaking clothes off this page
out bodies aligned in the right margin
"we're in love just because"
is a sentence fragment baby

exploration without carnal bodies
grammatically gramatical
its hard to comprehend the rules when your head is full of me
i can't even complete a sentence when my mouth is full of you

as we paraphrase this paragraph a plot unfolds
i turn to you with you words spread open, hopin'
to make sense of a sentense we wrote
under the pretense it would be the last
but baby thats all in the past

full of A, E, I, O, you
Track Name: BTW DKIT GFY
Im not sure what to do to make this feel better
you still cling to my bones, just underneath my skin
its not a competition but if it were, you know you'd win

i tried to feel nothing,
i tried to say nothing
i tried to develop the confidence
to pull out the stitches
where I'd sewn you in

if i could drown your memory in my blood
you'd find a way to clot the veins
as your teeth sever my nerves from my brain

I've tried so hard
I've tried but now the cuts are out
without these bandages our love is strewn about